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    My Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

    Josh and Mariah have been smitten with one another since their first date. These two radiate their love for each another, and it was immeasurably evident through every minute of their wedding!  

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    Italian Wine and Whimsy

    Miranda and David’s wedding is straight out of a fairy tale. Guests arrived and stepped into old world Tuscany, basking in the feeling of celebration and love. David and Miranda discovered their love for wine together, and their relationship blossomed over Italian dinner dates. It was only fitting that their wedding would incorporate these two elements beautifully.

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    Happily Ever After in the Rockies

    This is the kind of fairytale wedding you just sink into.  The sort of wedding where every last moment is soooo utterly beautiful and soooo incredibly mesmerizing, you just can’t help but stop and stare.  It’s a day that is overflowing with pretty sweeter-than-sweet details like English roses, mercury glass, aspen arches, silvers, golds and succulents – all lovingly planned by the adorable bride!

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    Destination Romance

    Combining romantic mountain style with utter elegance, Chrissy and Dan’s destination dream has given us an insatiable craving for David Austin garden roses. This intimate Estes Park affair is brimming with giddy love and kissed by that perfect Colorado sun. It’s a day graced with fresh ideas, pretty handmade signage, burlap and s’mores; all coming together for one stare-worthy gallery to feast on all day!

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    Love in Bloom

    Jamie and Wagner’s August wedding in the gorgeous Estes Park mountainside forest reads like a complete fairytale to me. With pearls, lace, and antique handkerchiefs blended with lovely, organic elements; I’m pretty sure I’ve been to this very wedding in my day dreams, and it’s such a treat to see just such a day filled with beauty, personality and love come to life.

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    Mountains, Love and Rustic Whimsy

    Set against a sunny September forest backdrop, Tara and Jason’s event was the kind of rustic meets romantic wedding that just sings.  From the ceremony’s live guitar music to the couple stealing kisses in a sun-kissed meadow in the mountains to the beaming smiles from start to finish, there’s so many reasons to adore this lovefest!

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    A Horse Drawn Love

    The old charm of a horse-drawn carriage and family chords braided together at the altar brought Phoebe and Jeff’s love to life. With all the soft beauty of a day bathed in pastel blues and greens, they were married on a perfect day in the middle of June.

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    Spring Mountain Majesty

    The end of May is beautiful in the mountains of Colorado, and Lindsay and Ben utilized every bit of alpine air they could for this gorgeous spring wedding.