Wedded in Winter

Picking a date to get married is one of the first choices you make in the wedding planning process and there’s advantages to every season in the mountains. As we approach the peak snow season in Estes Park, we’re reminded of the many reasons we love winter weddings, so here’s a few.

Snow, of course!

If you’re considering a winter wedding in Colorado, odds are that you have this visual in your head. It’s you and your spouse-to-be standing in a clearing, the reddish-brown ponderosa pines pop against freshly fallen snow, and white-capped mountains reach high into the sky. Speaking of dreamy wedding portraits, these photos from Kate and Conner’s wedding are just incredible.

NJ Duncan Photography


Bold Colors

Look, we love pastels and neutral tones too, but there’s so much excitement to be had in the winter wardrobe! It’s a great time to go bold, toss on some fur shawls, go for that long-sleeved wedding dress, and pick out some fun bridesmaids flannels to wear in the salon for getting ready time. The Hampton’s went for striking colors that look stunning against the developing snowscape. We love the bold linens and centerpieces on long banquet tables that make this wedding reception feel like a festive merging of families.

Wild Fern Photo Co


Romantic Lighting

PHOCO took advantage of the romantic glow caused by the soft sidewalk cafe lighting and light snowy blanket, which resulted in these glorious photos from Chanda & Sean’s wedding.



So Cozy!

These quaint and cozy shots from Kari and Luke’s wedding almost make you forget it was cold out. Between the firepits, blankets, and full bar, you and your guests have everything you need to stay warm and keep enjoying the great outdoors throughout the evening. Cigar bars and hot cocktails are wonderful accompaniments to winter weddings and the cool air is often welcomed by the ones tearing up the dance floor.

Fun fact, Kari and Luke intended to get married in Dublin, but the pandemic called for a pivot to their plans. They instead incorporated hunter green into their wedding color scheme, bringing Dublin to Colorado, and it looks so good!

Drake & Co. Photography


Snow… again!

When we look back at winter weddings, there’s just so many great landscape shots, couples portraits, and ceremony shots that came to life in the snow. Snow presents an opportunity for you and your photographer to get creative and showcase what a unique little snowflake your wedding will be! Kayla and Cameron’s wedding exemplifies all those winter elements, from their ceremony cocoa bar and blankets to the festive bouquets and centerpieces and even a few four-legged wedding crashers!

Spenser Chambers Photography


Swapping golf carts for Kias, preparing the plows, and pulling out the heaters are just a few ways we gear up for winter weddings. It’s always fun to see the excitement in a bride’s eyes when the Della Terra grounds are transformed into the winter wonderland they dreamt of. Congratulations to these beautiful couples and all of our 2022 couples!