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A Literary Love

Kelsey and Joanie’s June wedding was a festive affair, featuring romance, literature, and more sentimental moments than we’ve seen all year!

As family, friends and loved ones arrived, the sun shone brightly to welcome them to the Rocky Mountains. Kelsey and Joanie asked their guests to keep phones and cameras tucked away during the ceremony, so that everyone could be present in the moment together. (If you’re hunting for a clever sign for a device-free wedding, check theirs out below!)

This ceremony was breathtaking. Joanie and Kelsey were the embodiment of joy as they made their way down the aisle together. Joanie’s cousin officiated the ceremony, guiding the couple through heartfelt vows and the pouring of sand into an hourglass. Surrounded by the abundant love of their family and friends, Joanie and Kelsey became wives to one another. After signing their marriage license, they exited through a celebratory rose petal toss before being whisked away for some gorgeous mountain photography!

If you can’t tell from their photos, Kelsey and Joanie are confident, sentimental women who were true to their vision of the perfect wedding day. This intellectual pair decided to incorporate their love of literature into the design details of their day! Guests located their tables by visiting a decorative array of scrabble letters and then searching for their name in a traditional library card catalog. Reception tables were named after accomplished authors of both modern and historical classics. Popular novels served as decoration, photo props, and served up life-changing quotes of inspiration around the room. There was even a vintage typewriter for guests to leave notes for the newlyweds! We love when couples incorporate a specialty interest, passion or hobby into their wedding day. In all the busy celebration of the day, personal touches are something everyone notices and nobody forgets!

After all of the wedding formalities were complete, guests dined and danced and relished in all of the celebration they had witnessed that day. Be sure to browse their photo gallery below, where photographer Hillary Kaye captured each special moment of the day beautifully.

Joanie and Kelsey, your wedding was perfect in every single way. We are so honored that you chose to celebrate at Della Terra. Congratulations!

Hillary Kaye Photography