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Bold, Moody, Beautiful Scottish Wedding

With BOLD nods to Scottish heritage, poem, prose and wildlife – this moody Fall wedding is beyond description. Every detail of Rose & Steve’s October celebration was intentional and significant.

Truthfully, there is not much we can say that the talented Valeria Heine hasn’t captured artfully, wonderfully, and moodily in Rose and Steve’s photo gallery. This wedding featured deep Scottish cultural elements, a breathtaking couple who artfully showcased their impressive and deeply sentimental tattoos, two gorgeous collies, personalized bridesmaids wine glasses, exceptionally tasteful decor, frosty Fall weather, kilts, scarves, and inspired floral arrangements. Words simply cannot describe it.

As beautiful and artsy and edgy and phenonemal as this wedding day was, it didn’t come close to how amazing Steve and Rose are. Their love, their laughter, and their fun personalities among the most memorable we’ve encountered at Della Terra. We are beyond thrilled to have met them and witnessed such a momentous wedding day.

Rose and Steve, congratulations on your marriage and many happy years ahead!

Now, feast your eyes on this epic celebration!!!

Valeria Heine Photography