A Saucy Soirée

Leandra and Keith’s midsummer wedding was a dream. Family and friends came together to join these two for their thrice rescheduled union and didn’t miss a beat!

When you reschedule a wedding a few times, the day can either gain or lose significance out of the anticipation. The former is true of Leandra and Keith’s wedding day, which was full of love and gleeful energy radiating through them and all of their guests. They clearly took the delays in stride, as evidenced by their welcome sign with many date changes. It takes a healthy dash of humor to proudly display a sign like that, which was so emblematic of the times we were in. 

The outdoor wedding received perfect weather for the ceremony and outdoor cocktail hour. Following the wedding, guests headed to the outdoor cocktail deck decorated with umbrellas to keep the mountain sun at bay. 

The reception was adorned with burgundy and ivory linens, a classic and refined look, and floral arrangements by Beet and Yarrow. Family members made many of the desserts and cookie party favors, while one of Keith’s groomsman’s family catering company provided the meal. They also had their furry family members present in photo form on their sweetheart table, next to their favorite hot sauce to spice up the meal. This all-in effort by friends and family added a level of kindred personality to celebrate this long awaited wedding. 

We’re thankful and thrilled to have played a part in these two wonderful people getting married. 

Alyssa Carpenter Photography