Leaves Washa’d with Fall Colors

A look into Sarah and Jared’s gorgeous autumn wedding. Neutral, contemporary tones highlight this warm and relaxing autumn wedding day and evening of outdoor dancing.

Sarah and Jared Washa met while attending school in Nebraska, so Colorado was their go-to getaway for a change of scenery. As they spent more time here in the Colorado Rockies, their appreciation and love of Colorado grew and they knew it was the perfect place to bring their closest family and friends for their wedding.

Planning your own wedding can be a stressful endeavor, let alone planning from a distance. With deployment also looming over their heads, Sarah and Jared could be forgiven if they felt some anxiety for their big day. That was not the case, however, as Sarah and Jared’s stellar team of vendors and the Della Terra staff left no stone unturned while planning from a distance. Sarah took inspiration from Pinterest and Etsy to dial in the decor and elevate the neutral tones of Della Terra and the magnificence of Rocky Mountain National Park as the backdrop for their day.

Anyone who plans a wedding in Colorado’s fall season is hoping for crisp yellow leaves and a soft breeze to sweep them down the aisle. Sarah and Jared received just that! Della Terra’s aspens were perfectly mid-turn and offered stunning scenery for Mary Meck Photography to capture their magical ceremony and left their guests gushing praise about such a perfect wedding for weeks to come.

Making a huge commitment to one another in a place as grand as the Rocky Mountains is about as grand as a gesture gets, but it was Sarah’s attention to the small details and her care and concern for their guests that explains why so many people were willing to travel for their union. With personalized flower petal holders, covid-protective equipment, and comfort-level wristbands, they showed the love and respect back to every guest that traveled for their special day. With their custom-made copper archway and neon “The Washa’s” sign, they established the perfect photo-op for all their guests to remember the night while they danced under a warm, heater-laden outdoor dance floor.

A huge thank you and congratulations from Della Terra’s wedding team! It was such a privilege to help make your day so seamlessly special!

Mary Meck Photography