Love Will Take You Places

A breathtaking snowy ceremony, elegant navy decor, and a travel theme made this Fall celebration one for the memory books.

Hannah and Petr love to explore. They are both pilots and the couple frequently adventure around the country and world together. Their wedding reception was themed around exciting, outdoorsy trips the two had embarked on together. Dinner tables were named after airports Hannah and Petr had traveled through, and guests found their seating assignments via luggage tags with their names and “destinations” on them. Once at their table, everyone was treated to an airplane bottle opener as a thank you from the new Mr. & Mrs.

However, we’d be remiss to skip over what happened prior to the evening’s reception and celebration.

Hannah and Petr chose to be married in early October. It’s a time when the leaves are usually changing in Rocky Mountain National Park, but mountain weather is unpredictable. Some couples experience wedding day temperatures in the 80s, and others (like Hannah and Petr) get SNOW!

If you thought that snow would derail Hannah and Petr’s plans, you were wrong. Their wedding day featured no ordinary snow. This was an amazing and magical kind of snow. It was gorgeous, fluffy, misty, light, romantic, dusted-the-golden-aspen-leaves-in-glory snow. Perfect snow for a perfect couple, with perfect photos to prove it.

Hannah and Petr were blissfully happy, radiant, and lost in their love every minute of the day. Guests were in awe of the beauty of the ceremony, as this wonderful couple joined their lives together in such majestic scenery. The photos and video from this day convey everything that friends, family, and the newlyweds experienced. We’ve spent months replaying this jaw-dropping wedding and reception in our minds. Every little detail was flawless and every element memorable.

Hannah and Petr, you two are so deserving of a everlasting love and adventure together. Congratulations!

Colorado Wedding Productions