A Spree of Snow

Katie and Adam’s personal touches made their spring-turned-fall wedding day a perfect success. 

Like so many couples, Katie and Adam had to put their ‘I-Do’s’ on hold due to the pandemic and look for a safe, later date to celebrate. After moving their wedding date, these two wonderful people finally got married before the people they love. And thanks goodness they moved the date! This gave Katie the extra time to prepare and craft nearly all of her detailed decor like the welcome signs and seating chart. Each groomsman was also gifted a personalized pocket watch to remember the day.

They anticipated a little bit of rain for the ceremony, but hey that’s good luck right? Well consider them chock-full of luck because they were delivered a cold blizzard on the morning of their wedding, but those fluffy snowflakes made for the BEST first look photos. 

Once the weather subsided, DJ Michael Lancaster played guitar as the guests got seated and Katie walked down the aisle. After the ceremony, Katie and Adam’s wonderful vendor team and Della Terra event staff helped to make the rest of the day a seamless success. 

We’re wishing Katie and Adam the absolute best! The wedding was wonderful in so many ways and we’re thrilled to have been a part of it!

Brad Livengood https://family.bradlivengood.com/