A Summer Sunshine Kind of Love

Jennalee and Robert were prepared for a few showers, but at the last minute the sun broke through the clouds and treated them to a perfect summer wedding ceremony.

We never fret on rainy days. After all – rain is said to bring good luck to your marriage! At Della Terra, we cover all the bases to make sure that rain or shine, weddings go off without a hitch. Nevertheless, couples are always watching the radar – and we don’t blame you one bit!

Jennalee and Robert were married in June, on a gloriously beautiful summer day in the Rockies. As the afternoon approached ceremony time, a bit of rain passed through the area. They waited it out patiently, then adventurously headed out to be wed to one another!

There is nothing to describe the beauty of gorgeous Jennalee walking down the aisle to her lifetime love Robert. The rain had ended, and the sun had just begun to shine from behind the distant clouds. The dew was drying from every tree branch, leaf, and stone in sight. As Jennalee walked down the aisle, she beamed radiantly. Their ceremony was heartfelt as they pledged their love to one another. Family and friends watched as the pair planted aspen trees together, symbolizing their families joining in strength, unity, and support.

This June wedding is absolutely dreamy in its floral design! Jennalee’s florist – Lace and Lilies of Fort Collins – created a fabulous asymmetrical arrangement on the ceremony pergola. Inside, single stem flowers hung by ribbon adorned the stage where the newlyweds sat for dinner. Guest tables featured lush, tall greenery with a rich summer color palette, atop delicate golden stands. It was a perfectly romantic look for a perfectly romantic couple.

We loved how much fun Robert and Jennalee had on their wedding day – celebrating their love for one another and relishing in the joy shared by their closest family and friends.

Congratulations Robert and Jennalee! We wish you endless love together!

Check out their gallery below by the amazing Steve Stanton!

Steve Stanton Photography