Pride and Joy

Spring was quickly turning into summer for Hannah and Tessa’s wedding full of love, color, and ebullience. Natural touches and simple, elegant colors provided a refined cohesiveness to the entire event space.

Abound with newly leafing aspens and ponderosa pines, it’s evident from Hannah and Tessa’s color scheme of soft, playful spring tones and pops of bright color (like a rainbow wedding cake concealed by aspen bark icing) that Della Terra was the perfect venue to tie the knot. Their wood burned aspen ring box and tree ceremony was a clear sign of admiration for the beauty of a tree that’s become synonymous with Colorado’s changing seasons. It’s fitting that this wonderful couple decided to plant an aspen on the grounds to connect to the already vast network of roots throughout the property. 

After a picturesque outdoor ceremony, guests headed to the cocktail deck to enjoy drinks and appetizers. Meanwhile, Hannah and Tessa headed to their honeymoon suite with photographer Valeria Heine, who captured the giddy, childlike love of the couple. It was such a perfect depiction of the spirit of the rest of their wedding day. For a day that can be equal parts stressful and magnificent, sometimes you’ve got to let loose the post-marriage laughter and energy to switch gears from ceremony to celebration. Those photos are a simple reminder that above the decor and decorum of a wedding, this is a day to celebrate your love your way. 

The couple’s cutting cake was a beautiful rainbow layered cake encased in aspen bark frosting. A sweet surprise made by a dear friend of the couple. As guests enjoyed the chocolate and red velvet cupcakes, they headed out to the outdoor dance floor for the spotlighted first dance. Between the warm spring weather, fire pits, and lively dance floor, the guests were treated to unseasonably comfortable spring festivities under the stars and silhouetted mountains.

Nearly 7 years out from a monumental decision in the US courts, it brings us great joy to celebrate and share the love and marriage of Hannah and Tessa. A huge congratulations and thank you to you both for allowing us to be a part of this day with you. 

Valeria Heine