Joyful December Celebration

Autumn and Patrick shared a gorgeous December wedding day. These lovebirds said “I Do” in an outdoor ceremony, with mild winter weather, plenty of sunshine, and beautiful crimson decor.

Autumn and Patrick’s love story began in their college years at University of Florida. Over the years their relationship flourished, until one day on a backpacking trip, Patrick proposed! We were so humbled when these two chose Della Terra for their winter wedding. Everything came together beautifully on their big day!

What we loved most about Patrick and Autumn’s wedding was how happy they were. Surrounded by an intimate group of family and friends, these two had smiles that beamed in each other’s presence.

When Autumn walked down the aisle to Patrick, he was so visibly moved by the weight and joy of the moment. Once on stage, Autumn and Patrick laughed, cried, exchanged vows, and committed to a lifetime together. After the ceremony concluded, wedding guests lined the path outside of Della Terra’s ceremony site, tossing lavender and cheering their love and adoration as the newlyweds exited the ceremony.

Afterward, the reception kicked off with fun, laughter, the shoe game, and a delicious dinner shared among family and friends. Once the dance floor opened, there was no stopping this crew! Everyone celebrated until the night ended. Once the guests had departed, Autumn and Patrick returned to the dance floor. Privately, quietly, and without their photographer nearby, the two of them kicked off their shoes, held each other close, and danced one last dance on the dance floor. They’d done it! They were married and had pulled off throwing the party of a lifetime. It had been such a beautiful, wonderful day.

Congratulations Autumn and Patrick! We hope that your wedding day was every bit the celebration you imagined it would be. We wish you all the best in the many years ahead!

Nisha Louise Photography