• Friday, I’m In Love

    One Friday in May, Della Terra was treated to a light dusting of snow, a reception hall adorned with florals and timeless decor, and two of the most delightful people celebrating their commitment to one another.

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    A Spring Dream

    A perfect spring day greeted Katie and Agustin for their ceremony and reception. With the sun in the sky, snow on the ground, ivory linens, and blue florals and accents, this celebration was such an elegant take on a spring mountain wedding.  Katie and Agustin took a more relaxed approach to wedding planning, expressing that they didn’t want to fuss over the small details. Creating a grand vision of the day and meticulously planning each minute was not their style or objective.  They simply wanted to enjoy the day with their guests and one another. They allowed the majestic Rocky Mountains to speak for themselves and left the intricacies of their floral designs to the experts at Best Day Florals. Katie and Agustin’s genuine, joyous smiles on their faces is evidence that they succeeded in their mission. Their ceremony was officiated by a close friend, who added some wonderful personal sentiments. They also asked a few married couples to speak during the ceremony with no guidelines of what to say. The result was a beautiful, personalized ceremony that left more than a few tears in the eyes of their guests. Katie and Agustin were looking to add some fun and non-traditional excitement to the reception, starting with lottery ticket party favors. They also were looking to change up the glass-clinking kiss tradition. Instead, Katie and Agustin would strike a spontaneous pose, kiss, and then call for another couple in the crowd to mimic them. It was such a joy to host this wedding and we wish them a fabulous marriage! Sarah Goff

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    Snow and Hale

    Taylor and Gunnar Hale’s spring wedding was a dream. Fresh morning snow ornamented the Rocky Mountain pines while clear afternoon skies illuminated the outdoor wedding space.

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    The Spring Ideal

    Turkey and elk were afoot for this phenomenal spring wedding at Della Terra. Marisa and Daniel’s rustic, yet elegant theme showcases their love and admiration for the natural beauty of the Colorado Rocky Mountains! 

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    A Lifetime of Love

    This perfect March wedding features a first look in Rocky Mountain National Park, a gorgeous outdoor ceremony, winter greenery bouquets, and two high school sweethearts!