Love in the Backcountry

While Chandler and Camille may prefer snow shells and fresh powder, a dapper suit and gorgeous long-sleeved wedding dress fit this crisp February day perfectly. From the ideal winter weather during the day to the grooving dance floor at night, this little nook in the mountains was buzzing with good energy.

While Chandler tweaked his bowtie in the theater, Camille put on her long-sleeved dress to meet for the first look. Once they returned to the chateau, guests began to arrive by trolley and snapped a few photos overlooking Deer Mountain before heading to the ceremony site.

On the stage, Della Terra’s wooden cross was decorated with florals while the chiffon swooped overhead to frame the ceremony. Camille and Chandler joined hands, beaming ear to ear, as they were married on this bluebird winter day.

Cocktail hour kicked off with a couple signature drinks, an Old Fashioned and a Mule. Drink in hand, everyone was invited to sign the guestbook, which resembled terrain maps from some of Camille and Chandler’s favorite mountains to snowboard.

As guests made their way inside to find their seat, the couple sneaked off with their photographer for a secret dance and a moment alone to fully appreciate this monumental day. The reception hall featured ivory linens with emerald green, black, and gold accents. The room felt both elegant and cozy, with floating candles and flooded centerpieces that reflected the candlelit glow throughout the room. The saber that the couple would later use to cut the cake turned more than a few heads as guests entered the reception hall.

Following the meal from Jubilations Catering, Jonny Mogambo Band took the stage to bring some lively energy to the dance floor. With one hand in the air and a drink in the other, you can see the pure joy on Camille’s face as she looked out from the stage to see their friends and family celebrating.

Congratulations Camille and Chandler!

Mark Creery Photography