A Wedding With Thunderous Applause

Raw wood details and wild, whimsical DIY floral centerpieces helped create the “modern meets rustic” vibe that Heather and Kyle were looking for.

If rain is lucky on a wedding day, then these two got very lucky! As they spoke their vows, thunder boomed overhead. When the ceremony was over, Heather and Kyle ran back down the aisle as their guests showered them in bubbles… and lots of rain. They were all smiles, and recall the memories very fondly.

While they headed off to the National Park for pictures, everyone else headed to cocktail hour. They’re craft beer enthusiasts, so they offered a selection of their favorite beers for guests to sip on. Perhaps even more popular were their signature cocktails, like the blood orange margarita called “Encounter at Farpoint” that was named after the first episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Heather and Kyle met at a work conference over a couple of these margaritas and they both love Star Trek, so it seemed a fitting way to tie in a piece of their love story.

Tables featured ivory linens and Heather’s DIY floral centerpieces that she worked with Lace and Lillies florals to create. Gingerly Baked provided two stunning wedding cakes, which were ornamented with the gorgeous florals from around the room.

After dinner and the rain showers, everyone gathered outside for the first dance on the deck overlooking Deer Mountain. Soon after, Heather and Kyle moved inside to cut the cake, which didn’t go as planned. The first piece hit the floor, and they laughed their way through it just like they did with the day’s other mishaps. They celebrated those moments of chaos and wouldn’t have wished it any other way.

Cheers to Heather and Kyle, for celebrating those moments of imperfection in their wedding day and starting their marriage off with smiles!

Jamie Beth Photography