A Higher Love

Love always finds a way! Kaley and Nathan celebrated their July wedding with a live band, outdoor sunset cake cutting, and millions of happy memories!

Nate and Kaley are a perfect couple, feeding off each other’s joy, energy, and zeal for life. They were engaged in Hawaii on Christmas Eve and quickly began planning a summer wedding in the Rocky Mountains. They found their dream venue in Estes Park and jumped into booking vendors and designing their day.

Wedding planning was just falling into place when March 2020 arrived. The world, their family, and their jobs were drastically impacted. As they navigated trials of all kinds, Nate and Kaley wondered what would happen to their wedding day – the beginning of their happily ever after as a married couple. As the months went by, Kaley and Nate made the commitment to honor their July wedding date – which happened to be Kaley’s parents’ anniversary as well!

Kaley and Nate were so flexible, making sure that their guests were safe and comfortable with special seating layouts, custom wedding masks, individual desserts, and more. Even with several logistical details to cover, Blue Linden Weddings and a great team of vendors pulled it off like a charm.

We are so glad these two stayed true to their heart and rolled with the circumstances. Their wedding day turned out flawlessly beautiful. It was super duper dreamy in every little way. From start to finish this celebration was a perfect reflection of Nate and Kaley’s personalities, along with their passions and adventures as a couple.

Before you dive into their gorgeous photo gallery, share in some sweet behind-the-scenes details from Kaley and Nate’s big day:

  • Kaley and Nate were married on Kaley’s parents’ 44th wedding anniversary. One of Nathan’s groomsmen was the ring bearer at Kaley’s parents wedding! Additionally, Kaley’s wedding day clutch was made out of her mother’s wedding dress and veil.
  • Kaley’s gift to her father was a set of custom cufflinks that read, “Of all the walks we have taken, this one is my favorite”. Little did Kaley know that in her father’s toast that evening, he planned to reference memories of all the walks he had taken with Kaley over the years.
  • During the ceremony, the newlyweds were married by one of their best friends. They also wrote their own vows!
  • All of the floral arrangements had a touch of Hawaiian-themed flowers. This was an intentional tie to Kailua, Hawaii, where Kaley & Nate were engaged. They also brought out LED light-up leis for the evening’s dance party!
  • Nate and Kaley hired a favorite band from their home in Kansas City, surprising their KC friends and making for a rockin dance party.
  • “Higher Love” was the theme of this wedding. It is a favorite song of the newlyweds, and also holds a dual meaning to represent their high-altitude wedding location. Reception decor featured a neon “Higher Love” sign, custom “Higher Love” masks, koozies, and more! Nate’s tux even had “Higher Love” embroidered inside the collar!

I wish we could write about these details forever. Words cannot express how uniquely personalized and vibrantly happy this wedding day was.

Kaley and Nate, we are so honored to have been a part of your special day and your special love. Congratulations!

Jamie Beth Photography