Paint Me a Forever

The mountains are where Suzanne and Dan fell in love, and where they love to play. For their wedding, they wanted to show their guests just how magical the Colorado mountains are up close. Boy oh boy, they did not disappoint!


Suzanne and Dan’s wedding featured some of most exciting and unique elements we’ve ever seen! Ribbon wand streamers, an antique dessert table, and a unity painting made this July wedding one for the storybooks!


In the months leading up to the wedding, Suzanne and Dan spent countless hours thinking of ways to make the day unique. They desired to focus on their guests and create an experience that family and friends could participate in, rather than just observe. During the ceremony, the couple included their guests through ‘Vow Promises’, a ‘Peace Exchange’ and ‘Giving a Wish’. 


A painter was brought in to capture a special scene of the day, which was Suzanne and Dan walking down the aisle at Della Terra. The painting depicted the beauty of the surrounding area and the majesty of the mountains. The canvas was used during the unity ceremony, with the painter bringing the painting over to Suzanne, Dan and their parents – allowing each of them to paint a stroke and become a “part” of the painting. Our favorite part of the unity painting was that it then became the guest book! During the reception, guests signed the painting to commemorate their presence at Suzanne and Dan’s special celebration.


Dan was raised on a farm in Iowa that has been passed through four generations. Suzanne and Dan brought old farm fence boards, pig pen doors, window frames and ammunition boxes from the farm, and incorporated them into the design of the space. They used two window frames with six window panes each as the seating chart. The old fence boards were ‘I Do’ and ‘Cheers’ signs that directed guests to the location of the ceremony and cocktail hour. Additional window frames showcased their family tree and schedule of events, while ammo boxes were used as risers among the various tables.


For the reception, Suzanne and Dan hired a professional wedding dance coach to choreograph their first dance. Their live band kept the party hoppin well into the evening hours. Guests were treated to a dessert bar with antique dessert trays from the 1920s, and a literal smorgasbord of delicious treats.


Congratulations Suzanne and Dan! You were the King and Queen of your fairy tale mountain wedding!



Marni Mattner Photography