Classic Lace Simplicity

Jana and Shane tied the knot on a sunny summer day. Their wedding decor was filled with a soft floral color palette, classy lace ensembles and beautifully personalized decor.


On a perfectly sunny July afternoon, Jana and Shane prepared for the moment when their lives would join as one. From the first look with her dad, to first look with Shane, Jana was elated in the hours leading up to the ceremony. Just before Jana walked down the aisle, her most adorable flower girl came down the aisle with a basket of pine cones to steal the show! Shane was all smiles as his bride walked down the aisle toward him to exchange vows.


Jana’s bridesmaids wore beautiful blush and knee-length lace dresses, and Jana exuded a modern and classy elegance in her fitted lace wedding gown. Shane and his groomsmen embraced the summer style and wore cream tuxes, with ties to match the bridesmaids.


After the ceremony ended, the newlyweds exited the ceremony through a bubble tunnel – stopping to share a kiss and embrace along the way! It was the perfect moment for Jana, Shane, and all of their guests to switch into celebration mode!


During the reception guests enjoyed hours of dinner, dancing, toasts and celebration. Jana and Shane wore beaming smiles all night! We just love to see Della Terra couples fully enjoying every minute of their wedding day.


A few special touches from the reception that you cannot miss:


  • Shane is a bee keeper, so as a wedding favor guests were given jars of honey collected from Shane’s bee hives! These favors were SO unique and all the buzz!
  • The couple’s centerpieces, bouquets, boutonnieres, etc were all DIY. Believe it or not, Shane even made Jana’s bouquet! It was an incredibly sweet gesture and Jana was so proud. This groom is a keeper!
  • Guests found their seats listed on a DIY seating chart that incorporated three photos – Jana and Shane, Shane’s parents’ wedding portrait, and Jana’s parents’ wedding portrait!



Jana and Shane, your wedding day was spectacular! Congratulations and cheers to many happy years ahead!


Katie Keighin Photography