You Are My Rock

Molly and Andrew are geologists at a gold mine, and they truly struck gold when they met one another!

Okay, okay, cheesy jokes aside – we were completely in awe of how they incorporated their love of rocks and minerals into their perfect wedding day!


The Ceremony:


What pulled at our heartstrings most was how Molly and Andrew incorporated their families into the ceremony. Molly’s mother walked her down the aisle. The couple’s grandparents were unable to travel to the wedding in person. Instead, they sent marriage advice and well wishes to other family members to read to Molly and Andrew at the wedding.  Molly’s grandfather was able to watch the festivities via FaceTime and celebrate “with” them – from afar! After tying the knot, Molly and Andrew took a group photo with all of their wedding guests. It was truly evident how much Molly and Andrew love everyone they share their life with.


To top it all off, wild turkey and bighorn sheep made an appearance to help the newly-married couple celebrate this new chapter in their lives! Who doesn’t love a few wildlife wedding crashers?!


The Reception:


At the reception, each table was named after a rock that Molly and Andrew had collected. Burlap flowers sat in vases filled with rocks and pinecones, giving the reception room an earthy accent. To tie the geology theme together, guests received minerals and rocks as party favors to take on their way home.


For their guest book, Molly and Andrew brought a copy of “Wild Light” by local photographer Erik Stensland. Guests could browse the book for their favorite photo of Rocky Mountain National Park and leave a note for the newlyweds on that page. Guests could also “leaf” their mark on a guestbook fingerprint tree.


During their years of dating, Molly and Andrew enjoyed a lot of ice cream. There was no better way to share that element of their relationship than with a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream bar at the end of the night! Cherry Garcia and Phish Food left everyone’s bellies full, but not too full to stay away from the dance floor!


After hours of dancing, the night ended with guests circled around the bride and groom singing well wishes of love and friendship.


Congratulations, Molly and Andrew! Thank you for the wonderful celebration!


Kristopher Lindsay Photography