The Little Pleasures

All of the colors of Fall came together beautifully for Carina and John’s October wedding at Della Terra. From the bright yellow aspens to the golden meadows of the Rocky Mountain National Park, this wedding had all the best parts of the most beautiful season in the mountains.


Shortly after John and Carina were engaged, the pair purchased a ranch together. They relish in celebrating a hard day’s work and enjoying the simple pleasures of life. This perspective was most certainly apparent as the pair wed and incorporated many little pleasures and tender moments into their wedding day.


A few of the details of John and Carina’s wedding that should not be overlooked…


  • For her wedding day Carina wore a number special accessories, including a leaf brooch, antique watch, hair pin, and a beautiful fur.
  • The couple chose to plant two aspens trees as a symbol of their lives and families coming together in unity.
  • After the ceremony, guests lined the wedding path to shower the couple with golden fall aspen leaves.
  • Carina chose an incredibly unique floral arrangement. Her splendid Fall bouquet featured protea, dahlias and amaranthus.
  • To add to the fun of the evening, Carina and John treated guests to a live band and caricature artists! For those indulging at the bar, the couple offered a special signature cocktail adorned with star anise.
  • Not to be forgotten was the lovely dessert bar of croquembouche, which the bride and groom fed to one another in lieu of cake.


Congratulations John and Carina! Your wedding day was splendidly beautiful and your eye for detail was not missed. May you always continue to appreciate the love and joy of your life together!



Lucky Malone Photography