Aspen Serenade

With literally one of the most breathtaking love stories you will ever lay your eyes upon, Brianne and Andrew’s wedding strikes the perfect balance of rustic and elegant.  These two are an adorable duo with a love of music and they reminded us that the true beauty behind a wedding is in the love and strength two people can give one another.



The Couple’s Favorite Details:
  • Brianne and Andrew strove to accentuate and incorporate the beauty of the location and themed their wedding around the fall colors in Estes. Their wedding’s centerpieces and bouquets were influenced by wildflower colors, aspen leaves and miniature pinecones.
  • The bridesmaids dressed in navy blue, and the groomsmen wore suits of gray. The neutral colors allowed the vibrant colors of the flowers and leaves to pop!
  • They had an aspen leaf tree planting ceremony during the wedding to signify their lives entertwining and growing together.
  • After dinner, Andrew grabbed a guitar and serenaded his new bride with a custom song performance, which was an emotional surprise to Brianne!
  • The napkins on the tables were folded like leaves and were tied with twine and aspen leaves.
  • A mix of aspen leaves and yellow rose petals were tossed by guests at their end of the night send-off from the reception.

Thank you for sharing your overwhelming love, Brianne and Andrew, and congratulations!


Yellow Paddle Photography