Dazzle and Pop

Alison and Andrew brought together a variety of colors, especially using blue accents to add spirit and energy to this lovely Spring wedding. Their playful additions of a candy bar and late night snacks created a youthful joy to the celebration, even the local wildlife wanted to attend this wedding!



There is such a nice blend between natural elements and a spritz of dazzle in this wedding. The springtime floral arrangement accentuates the colorful pop of the bridesmaid’s dresses alongside the gorgeous lace details of Allison’s dress.


From the horse drawn carriage to the wine bottle table settings, each element of the celebration displayed a perfect blend of natural elements and vintage decor.


We adored:

  • Bedazzled accents on the bride’s shoes and dress.
  • Their initials carved into tree ring place holders at their head table.
  • A delightful drawing of the couple on a stone with their rings at the top!
  • Twine wrapped gift boxes for each guest
  • Late night snacks and a candy bar for extra take home treats!
  • The set of vintage skis available for guests to sign and give best wishes to the happy couple.

Each part of the wedding and celebration was a unique creation and representation of their Springtime love. Congratulations Alison and Andrew!

David Lynn Photography