Spring Mountain Majesty

The end of May is beautiful in the mountains of Colorado, and Lindsay and Ben utilized every bit of alpine air they could for this gorgeous spring wedding.


From floral arrangements placed on cascading waterfall walls, to rocks from the river used as a guest book – embracing all that the mountains have to offer only enhances the elegance of a wedding day. We loved the special ways that Lindsay and Ben were able to incorporate their families, friends, and the great outdoors at this late spring wedding. There were so many details, colors, and laughter through out the day, we couldn’t settle on just one favorite!

Things we loved:

  • an Aspen Tree planting ceremony
  • Chocolate mountains given to guests as gifts
  • Lindsay’s cathedral veil that echoed of the mountain splendor
  • Accents of yellow, blush, and ivory
  • Mixed bouquets of tulips and roses
  • Floating candles inside and outside of the reception room
  • Memorial jewelry worn on behalf of Lindsay’s grandmother

Ben and Lindsay, your love is as bright as the day you married. Congratulations, and may your love continue to blossom.


Sarah Christine Photography