On the Wings of Love

A wedding party that enters beneath nearly 1000 paper cranes, and a little bit of rain: We think it’s a perfect scenario for a forever kind of love.

Ryoko and Trevor brought family, friends, and military service members to Colorado for this unforgettable spring wedding.

Things we loved:

  • Maintaining a cultural identity: In order to keep flavors of Japan in the ceremony, Ryoko and her Japanese friends folded nearly a thousand paper cranes to garnish the reception hall. They bring good luck! Ryoko’s mother also wore a traditional Japanese Kimono that was imprinted with their family logo. This garment can only be worn at the wedding of your children, and this was the right day for it!


  • DIY Elements: We are continually impressed with the ways our wedding parties create gorgeous spaces on a budget. Trevor and Ryoko created their own invitations, centerpieces, and decor around the reception hall.


  • Bringing out the artist in each other: Rather than electing to perform a first dance together, Trevor and Ryoko composed a song together and performed it for their family and friends. For her “first dance” with her father, Ryoko played a song with her father that has been important since she was 6 years old.


  • Good Luck Rain: Rain and fog throughout the ceremony gave a haunting, but beautiful backdrop to the photos. And the weather didn’t stop anyone from celebrating the bright and shining love of this couple. There were games, bubbles, and lots of laughter! All perfect ingredients for a perfect start to forever.


Congratulations again to you, Ryoko and Trevor. May the wings of those cranes continue to bring you many years of happiness and luck!

Tom K Photography