Melanie in Wonderland

From ice sculptures to topsy turvy centerpieces, fairytale gardens and playing cards… Melanie and David’s “Alice in Wonderland” themed wedding was literal magic!


Melanie and David say they found themselves once they were lost in each other. Their sentimental romance was the inspiration behind their Alice in Wonderland wedding. Just like Alice loses and finds herself in Wonderland, Melanie and David found something beyond what they were looking for. With one another, everything they’d been waiting for had arrived. 


Of course Melanie and David stole our hearts with their deep love for one another, their darling daughter (and flower girl), and their loving families. It’s always a joy to see a couple who disappears into a faraway land just by looking at one another. Theirs is truly a fairytale love.


This wedding had more adorable and creative design elements than we could possibly fit into one blog! As you browse their beautiful photo gallery by George Street Photography, don’t miss a few of these incredible details:


  • The color palette – Fuchsia, teal, plum, pink and turquiose was woven throughout everything! The flowers, bridesmaids dresses, groomsmen vests, boutonnieres, bouquets and more all featured these bold and vibrant colors.
  • The wedding cake – This cake was topsy turvy, topped with a teacup, and featured illustrations from the book. It even featured a time-less stopwatch. Hand-crafted by Batter Up cakes in Greeley, it was a showpiece of their Alice in Wonderland decor.
  • The centerpieces – Ice sculptures adorned the dinner tables, with overflowing fairytale garden teacups featured as well. On the head table was a sculpture of the Chesire Cat’s smile, Melanie and David’s favorite.
  • The favors – Using burlap satchels from Walmart, Melanie and David treated guests to three different kinds of tea. Attached to each burlap bag was an antique key, business card with Melanie and David’s wedding date, and with a picture of Alice with “drink me” written on the card.


Melanie and David, we’re so happy that your wedding day was a wild and crazy dream fulfilled. Congratulations!


George Street Photo and Video