Ruby Red Romance

Mark and Alycia wed beneath a bright blue Colorado sky, and celebrated their wedding day with romantic ruby red flair!


May is always a gorgeous time in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Trees are budding, birds are chirping, and meadows grow green after a golden, snowy winter.  Alycia and Mark were greeted with the most brilliant Spring wedding day. The sun shone abundantly and busy wildlife greeted them and their guests as the festivities began.


Alycia’s sister played the violin during the ceremony, adding an elegant touch to the occasion. To make the moment even more special, Alycia was escorted down the aisle in a horse and carriage by Mark’s son. It was one of the most sentimental bridal processionals we’d ever seen!


Our favorite unique feature of Alycia and Mark’s wedding day was the incorporation of ruby red colors throughout. From floral arrangements to accent lighting, ruby red was woven into every aspect of their celebration.


  • Ruby red was the color that Alycia chose for bridesmaid dresses, and it served as an accent color in the vests and pocket squares of the groomsmen. Even the flower girls’ dresses featured this rich and bold color!
  • During the reception, ruby was one of the chosen colors for Alycia’s satin table linens. Ruby ribbon adorned each tier of their wedding cake. Even the party favor mints were tucked into ruby satchels.
  • When the dance party began, ruby red lighting illuminated the dance floor to add a perfect festive glow to the celebration.


Alycia and Mark, you deserved this perfect wedding day, filled with the same romance that brought you together. Congratulations!


Katie Keighin Photography