Snow Kissed Estes Park Love

Laura and Matt’s winter-loving wedding is best viewed with hot cocoa in hand. December is the season for candlelit weddings, bridesmaids in full-length dresses, elegant snowfall, and twinkling holiday lights.  Their destination wedding is the definition of cozy, and proof that snow-filled nuptials are wildly romantic and that the laughter and love that is ever present in this couple will warm you right to the bone.


For Laura and Matt’s wedding ceremony and reception, mother nature delivered some fresh snow to accent their gorgeous winter wedding.  Each part of the day was planned to give their 70 guests an authentic Colorado experience and it all came together gracefully.  They were married on Della Terra’s outdoor canopied deck before heading in for the rest of the fun-filled evening.


Soft ivories, pops of brilliant purple and warm gold flowed throughout the day. Floral Design of Europe created stunning bouquets and centerpieces for the tables. Each bridesmaid wore a steel gray silk pashmina and a flowing soft claret colored dress. The cake was created by a close friend and complimented the couple’s style perfectly. Laura’s delicate quartz dress was topped with a fur trimmed snow cape and was accented by the snowflakes that fell around her that day.



  • The bride was tickled when the ‘guys’ in the theater sent up a few bottles of wine for the girls to share while they got ready in the salon. Laura and her bridesmaids found it sweet to know they were thinking of each other and sending them love.
  • Special to both the bride and groom, the groom’s parents walked him down the aisle and both of the bride’s parents walked her down.
  • The couple was struck with emotion when their DJ surprised them during dance time by replaying a recording of their vows while they slow danced to one of their favorite songs. This truly made them feel like they were experiencing the happiest day of their lives!

This wintry paradise is everything a wedding should be. Beautiful, personal, and filled to the brim with love. Congrats to the happy couple, Laura and Matt!

Barefoot Kisses Photography


Last December Moon from Bumblebee Films on Vimeo.