DIY Dream Wedding

If a unique, personalized, and locally supportive DIY wedding sounds up your alley, you will not want to miss a detail of Erin and Bert’s Colorado wedding!




The Dessert Table: All of the desserts (excluding the candy) were hand made by friends and family of Erin and Bert. Erin’s 90 year old Grandmother made the shortbread (17 dozed to be exact)!  The matron of honor made the cake and most of the cupcakes. The butterflies were edible and handmade by a company she found on Etsy. The cake also had a Scottish thistle ( or at least it looked like one) tucked into it that Erin’s brother found near Fawn Valley and gave to Erin as a good luck charm.


The Local Woodsy Items:  All wood used on the tables, as well as their “guest book” chairs came from Kris Williams at Rocky Blue Woodworks and were comprised mostly of beetle kill wood. The bridesmaids earrings and the groomsmen cuff links were also made from beetle kill wood along with Colorado Copper. (Made by Applause Applause on Etsy)


The Flowers: The bouquets were all handcrafted by Erin’s aunts and cousins with flowers from Pastures of Plenty.


The Garter: Erin’s aunt also handmade her garter with a tie that was her late grandfathers in the family plaid.


The Flower Girl: The flower girl wore a dress that was made of hand painted silk (also done by the matron of honor)  and hand sewn by the seamstress that did Erin’s dress alterations.


The Rings: The rings were carried  in a box hand embellished by Erin’s aunt and cousin using a key box Erin’s late grandfather had in his work shop. Erin’s ring was actually found the day before the wedding in a shop in downtown Estes Park. It is three rings joined together and symbolizes the commitment she made before the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and also the commitment she made to her husband and two children.


The Tables: Erin’s mom worked tirelessly to tie ribbons on all their flower pot favors and fill the bags in them with Estes Park taffy. She and the matron of honor also cut all the corks that served as place card holders. The table numbers were made of the same ribbon and wood grain circles that embellished the invitations.The oils and vinegars on the tables for bread dipping were supplied by EVOO Marketplace, Colorado’s first oil and vinegar tasting room, which is family owned and operated.


The Ceremony Unity Hands:  Erin and Bert wanted to do something fun and unique to incorporate their two children into the ceremony. They decided to do unity hands, whereby each family member picked their favorite color and pressed their hands into giant stamp pads, then put hand prints all over a piece of paper, overlapping each other. They have since added a family photo to the center of the paper, framed it and will forever have a memory of their unity and togetherness!


The Activities: During the reception, they had a photo booth outside with items collected from home for people to use as props, along with the game of corn hole.


The Music: To start off the music for the night, Bert and his band played some of their favorite songs, including one dedicated to his mom.


KUDOS TO ERIN AND BERT! Many Congratulations and we wish you lots of love!



Brian Paul Mallik Photography